Take the First Step into Mental Illness Recovery Treatment

Taking the Step into Treatment for a Mental Illness 

We here at CASA Recovery value taking care of the entire person, which is why in addition to addiction treatment, we offer comprehensive options in terms of care like acupuncture, yoga, group therapy, and more. However, sometimes a big part of what’s going on in the mind of a person with addiction is a mental illness. Mental illnesses can exacerbate an addiction and make it even worse, and we here at CASA Recovery recognize and see that threat to your recovery. Even if you don’t deal with an addiction, we can help you with your mental illness. Instead of turning a blind eye to the problem, we can treat it. Read more to see how we can help:

How to Help a Spouse with Addiction

 How to Help a Spouse with Addiction

Addiction is a tricky disorder to deal with and can affect not just the addicted but the family and friends of those around them. Specifically, the role of spouse is one of the hardest to deal with. You want them to not be in pain, but you can’t stand watching them spiral deeper and deeper into addiction. We here at CASA Recovery see and understand your pain and have tips for how to cope with this tough time in you and your family’s life.