How to Deal with Grief and Loss in Rehab

Dealing with Grief and Loss in Rehab 

People can grieve after any significant life change, the death of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship or giving up a substance on which they have been dependent. What is common is a feeling of emptiness and loss and the experience of very powerful feelings. How these feelings are dealt with is of particular relevance to those in recovery. A recovering addict is particularly vulnerable to relapse when bereavement occurs and it is vitally important that they seek out help and support so as to prevent any return to substance abuse when dealing with loss in rehab.

The Impact Social Media has on Recovery from Addiction

Man with Technology Distracting him from recovery 

When the use of something interferes with daily life or interpersonal relationships it can be regarded as an addiction. The portability of modern devices and the around-the- clock accessibility of social media sites can easily lead to an unhealthy amount of time being spent online. The process of recovery requires focus and the unlimited exposure to social media 24/7 and use of screens can play havoc with sleep patterns and cause constant daytime distractions.