Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness and Addiction

Man Contemplating Stigma and Addiction

Currently, there is a negative connotation associated with mental illness as well as addiction. These stigmas have been created based on years of false information and unfair judgments, and don’t have to be stood for in 2018. At CASA Recovery, we know that mental illnesses and addictions are not your fault. The only way to fight the stigma is to act with compassion towards others and not assume the worst.  

How to Avoid Enabling an Addicted Loved One

How to Have a Conversation with an Addicted Loved One

When a friend or family member has an addiction, it feels impossible to find the right things to say all the time. You want to push them towards the road to recovery, but you can’t push too hard.  Peruse the CASA Recovery site to learn more about our programs and how to help anyone in your life affected by addiction. Contact us today for more information, but for now here are some helpful tips on how to encourage rather than enable.